Stan P

In early 2013 I was diagnosed with adhesive capsulitis, also known as a frozen shoulder. After several doctors, multiple x-rays, MRI’s, cortisone shots, and thousands of dollars worth of physical therapy (even Airrosti and ShortWave therapy!), I had finally given up on ever having full use of my shoulder again. I had been told that eventually it may get better, but after a year and a half of waiting for it to get better, I still had very limited range of motion in my shoulder. Towards the end of 2015 the pain in my shoulder had started to get better. In an effort to regain some strength I started looking for a gym or trainer. Really I didn’t know what I was looking for. I wanted someone that could help me rebuild the lost strength under conditions that would decrease my likelihood of re-injuring my shoulder. At the time, I had never tried CrossFit, however I had heard about some of the incredible results my friends have been able to achieve. My wife and I looked at several gyms, big commercial gyms, CrossFit gyms, boxing gyms, and even gymnastic strength training gyms all over Austin. Some of them wanted to help, but were the “take a number” type of gym, while others just didn’t give you the time of day. When we got the opportunity to meet the coaches at CrossFit City Limits, right away I was impressed by the help, consideration, and knowledge about the injury and his eagerness to want to help achieve my goals.  Because of my injury, most gyms didn’t want to touch me. The first few sessions proved to me quickly that they truly cared about everyone’s overall success and this included staying injury free.  As I write this, I have seen my shoulder mobility and strength continue to get better and better. I’m stronger, I feel better, and have a more positive outlook that my shoulder will NOT be a handicap in anything I choose to do. I never would have thought that I would be able to do a handstand, press weight over my head, or hold a barbell in a front rack position. I owe it to CrossFit City Limits for this and I will always be grateful for his help!