Mary T

When I picked up my first barbell, I almost fell over. A high-intensity exercise program held no allure except that my sister suggested we try it. Braver with her at my side, we tried it together. I returned home after surviving that first day to find that I had to climb our stairs one at a time. At age 60, my friends and I have started the phase of life where we talk about knee replacements, cholesterol levels and Social Security benefits. Did I really want to start a program with a warm-up called “Death by Burpees?” The coaches at CrossFit City Limits have taught me that I’m much tougher than I ever imagined. In almost every work-out there’s a point that you have to make a decision to push past discomfort, exhaustion and a voice in your head screaming for you to stop. Rising to this mental challenge gives me a sense of satisfaction no other form of exercise has ever provided. Now, when I hold a barbell over my head, I don’t feel 60. I feel strong