Class Structure

Cardio, Strength, and Flexibility

in one, efficient hour class.


Everything you need with an Expert by your side

Every class is run by an experienced Movement Coach. While others trainers simply act as cheerleaders as they motivate you, tell you what exercises to do, and make minor critiques on form, our Movement Coaches are amazing personal trainers who, in a group setting, will motivate, but also have the one-on-one expertise and experience to help you at an extremely detailed, individual level providing you exactly what you need.

Our Movement Coaches take classes through the various sections of the day’s workout. They will make sure everyone knows what to do and how to do it and then coach each person individually, providing detailed tips on how to improve. We don’t just rush from one thing to the next. Our classes are designed to have ample time in each section of the workout allowing you time to practice and get comfortable while maximizing 1-on-1 coaching opportunities. In a class your Movement Coach will lead you though a:

  • Dynamic, Yoga-ish, Warm-up and Movement Prep,

  • Skill Work

  • Strength and Accessory Work

  • High-intensity, Functional Movement Workout

  • Cool-down

  • Mobility Exercises

Check-out our Movement Foundations Video Series to see what a Movement Coach can do for you and your workouts!

Warm-up and Movement Prep

Led by a Movement Coach, our class warm-ups and movement prep have three main goals:

1) Prepare us for the day’s workout. We will get your heart beating, blood flowing, and get your joints and muscles prepared for the day’s training.

2) Provide us time to learn, practice, and hone techniques foundational to human movement. Better technique equals better performance and less injuries. We leverage our warm-up to help us improve and understand how we move. This transfers directly into better technique for better performance and reduced risk of injury.

3) Over time, create dramatic, lasting, and meaningful improvements to your body’s range of motion. Through our members’ progress with flexibility, we have proven over and over again that you do not need an hour of flexibility training multiple times a week to make changes to your body.

The approach of taking multiple hour long yoga classes a week absolutely works to improve balance and flexibility. But, if you are using yoga simply for improved balance and flexibility, that is a lot of time dedicated to something than can be done in a much more efficient way. At CrossFit City Limits we consistently, each day, put your body at the end ranges of positions that are useful to real life. At the end of classes, we consistently use highly effective mobility tools and protocols to improve tissue and joint function. This method gets the balance and flexibility results most are looking to yoga for with a fraction of the time commitment.

Our innovative warm-ups not only prep you for the workout that day, but provide many added benefits to technique, flexibility,and balance.



Skill, Strength, and Accessory Work

High-intensity workouts are amazing, but a program based around them need support. The stronger your foundation, the better your capacity during your high-intensity workouts. As adults, we lose the ability to perform certain movement patterns because we have habitual and favored movements, and neglected or avoided movements. We have unresolved injuries and chronic problems that cause us to move in a compensated way. When the average adult starts to exercise with one or more limited fundamental patterns, the increased activity actually causes the compensation behavior to get worse. Our skill, strength, and accessory work is much slower paced, allowing our Movement Coaches to work with you to improve your technique as you work on weaknesses and strengthening areas to better build your skills and body.

High-Intensity, Functional Movement Workout

Commonly referred to as WODs (Workout of the Day) or MetCons (Metabolic Conditioning), this section of class is what CrossFit is known for. It is the work hard and get out of breath part of class.

This section is typically 7-20 minutes long and all workouts can be scaled and modified to each individuals' fitness level, whether that be modifying the movement itself, using lighter weight, performing less reps, working for a shorter duration, performing a progression of a movement, etc. What this means is although everyone may be doing a slightly different version of the workout, each individual is going at a pace, performing movements, and using weights appropriate to them.

The movement performed in our workouts are compound and transfer to the real world. Developing proficiency in our gym means you are developing proficiency in real life.

You will be challenged and will blow past your preconceived notions on what your are capable of. Everyone can do it and most everyone is more capable than they give themselves credit for. Embrace the challenge and enjoy the results!

When High-intensity exercise is appropriately scaled and paired with quality movement, it can be a lot of fun and produce amazing results,



Cool-down and Mobility Exercises

The cool-down is an often overlooked, but extremely important aspect to an effective training program.  Workouts, especially at high-intensities, increase acid and carbon dioxide while decreasing oxygen in the body.  Your lymphatic system works to normalize your body and rid your body of excess waste, but it works primarily through muscle contractions and gravity.  So, if you finish a workout and then sit around and do nothing, your body is less efficient at removing the built up waste from the workout. This can cause increased stiffness and soreness not to mention take away from potential results, After every workout, we cool-down to help flush your system and maximize your results from your efforts.

To support the flexibility work we do in warm-ups, we use mobility tools, like foam rollers, and protocols at the end of class to further enhance our recovery and function of muscles and joints. We do self-massage, stretch, and do stability work to consistently make improvements to your capacity to move your body through a full ranges of motion.

CrossFit and Bootcamp Options

Our goal is to fit our program to your individual goals, needs, preferences, and fitness level. Within each of our classes, we offer different workout options,CrossFit and Bootcamp, for each of the above described class sections. The CrossFit program works on all aspects of fitness evenly. CrossFitters enjoy learning and developing advanced weightlifting and gymnastics movements and don’t mind lifting heavy every once in a while. Our Bootcamp program bias away from strength and more complex movements and towards cardio. Our Bootcamp program is a simpler, lighter variation of our CrossFit program, but they ultimately look very similar and both produce amazingly fit people. Now, don’t confuse simpler and lighter Bootcamp program with easier, it just fits what some people are looking for better. Come see how we make it easy to customize each class specifically for you!