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We offer a personal training program that is designed specifically for your individual needs.

Located in North Central Austin, TX at 6613 North Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78752

You deserve more and you should expect more. Your personal trainer should be able to adapt their methods to your personal goals. We understand that every single person who walks into our gym is different and unique. Peoples’ lives have different constraints and limitations with jobs, family, and other obligations and their back ground with sports and fitness varies tremendously. Peoples’ goals vary from losing weight, to gaining muscle, to wanting to run in a local 5k, half marathon, full marathon, to just wanting to be fit and healthy to play with their grandchildren, to wanting to compete in a specific sport. We have worked with Olympic athletes, middle-schoolers, and grandparents and have had great success with all. There are certain training principles and methodologies that every workout program should adhere to, but the actual application of those should be custom fit to you. There is no one program fits all which is what makes personal training with an experienced coach the quickest way to get results.

We will work with you to define not just your goals, but why those are your goals. When we dig deep into the “why,” we gather the information necessary to come up with a plan that will not only get results, but that will fit withing the constraints of your life, making long-term results that much easier to attain. You deserve much more than a trainer simply throwing the same workout program at you as they do every other client. We fit your program to what you need and want.

You may have heard the term that seems to be everywhere now in the fitness world, “functional.” It is being thrown around and being used out of context by companies and trainers who are tying to make their training program seem like it is a useful fit in someone’s life. From years of experience and hundreds of thousands of client hours right here in Austin, TX, we have learned that context is everything. What may be a functional movement for someone may not be functional for the person right next to them. For example, there is just about an infinite number of ways to perform a squat. Which way is best or which way is most functional is completely dependent on your personal goals. If you want to be healthy and fit into your nineties, if you want to compete in strongman or powerlifting, or you are a track and field athlete, the squat variations we would use to be the most functional will depend on the result we want. There is not a one size fits all as every variation will have it’s pros and cons for different goals. It usually seems like your only choices are Bootbamp vs Bodybuilding vs Powerlifting vs Endurance training vs Yoga vs Pilates vs Spin, etc. More likely, elements from all of these in the right combination will provide your the most effective workout program to achieve your goals. Once we determine what your goals are and why, then we are in a position to choose truly functional movements and methodologies that will transfer to the life and body you want to have.

With us, your personal trainer will be experienced in teaching techniques necessary to make tremendous progress in the gym. With this, proper exercise selection, and workout creation, your progress in the gym will transfer directly to your goals and your life outside of the gym. Proper technique will not only set you up to drastically reduce the risk of injury, but can actually resolve current aches and pains you may be experiencing. The coordination of how to move and control your body correctly takes practice. Most adults have habitually favored, dysfunctional movement patterns that cause inefficient performance at best and painful and tight joints and tissues at worst. By learning proper technique for your goals, your workouts will have tremendous carry-over into the real-world activities that matter to you.

Your personal trainer will also be versed in flexibility and stability exercises to help aid recovery and resolve any weak or tight areas in your body. There are a variety of techniques that will be implemented to fast-track the identification and resolution of any issues you may be suffering from. This allows you to not only work out to your potential, but have a body that feels great while you do it!

Your personal trainer will also make recommendations and support you with any lifestyle changes that can make a big impact on your goals. Our nutrition, sleep, non-workout activity, stress management, and recovery protocols can supercharge your results. We look for the low-hanging fruit that are easy to implement and can really move the needle long-term.

Long story short, we know how to get you the results you want, regardless of your current fitness level. With us, you will not be put through a generic program. With us, a plan will be developed based on what you as an individual need and we will provide the information, support, accountability, and coaching required for long-term success.



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