Allie O

In 2012, I walked through the gym doors and saw Coach Kyle standing there with a big, fat grin and an out-stretched hand to welcome me. I was, of course, promptly annihilated by the work-out, but knew that I had stumbled across a really special coach and community. Before that day, I had never touched a barbell, I had no idea what a power clean was, and I had very poor results with weight loss; however, with the coaches at CrossFit City Limits's endless patience, focus on proper form and mobility, and knowledge of good nutrition, I have been able to make huge gains in the gym and losses in the kitchen. The coaches and community have been a constant source of encouragement for me over the years. They take a personal interest in what you are doing inside and outside of the gym, and have on more than one occasion reached out to me if have noticed something may be off with my performance due to outside the gym factors. They remember my personal records better than I do, encourages me to recognize how far I have come if I’m ever having a down day, and are always the first ones to laugh when I make a lame joke. Bottom line? CrossFit City Limits Rocks! But seriously, my fitness would not be where it is today without their influence. I am stronger and more confident, and the best part is that I continue to make progress. I can’t thank the owners, Blake and Kyle, the other coaches, and the gym community enough for the endless positive life changes they have helped me make in the last 4 years. When you surround yourself with encouraging people, the positive impact on your life is immeasurable. Thank you CrossFit City Limits!