Morgan B

I grew up an athlete, played volleyball competitively, rowed on the University of Texas Women’s Rowing Team, competed in fitness competitions, etc. As I grew older, my competitive nature never diminished! I have watched several of the Reebok CrossFit games and knew CrossFit was something I needed to get involved in. I watched YouTube videos of CrossFit that were completely terrifying, yet I believed I could do it. I jumped into the CrossFit world in June of 2015. As soon as walked through the gym doors at CrossFit City Limits, I stepped into an entirely new world of fitness and wasn’t completely comfortable with being an amateur at something.

Kyle was the first person who welcomed me and made me feel immediately at ease. He walked me through my first workout, discussed form for each movement, and how to improve my body and movement through mobility work. I have always hated stretching and yoga, but Kyle introduced a style of mobility to me and showed me the importance of loosening up tight muscles in order to achieve better form, strength and improve performance. Through this mobility work, it supercharged my work-outs. I have worked out in gyms all my life, but I personally feel as though I’m stronger and better after only being at CrossFit City Limits for less than a year.

The comradery within the CrossFit City Limits community is something I haven’t experienced in a long time. I was nervous that the people who had been doing CrossFit for some time wouldn’t accept me and I’d feel like an outcast. WRONG! These people all have a similar goal…they want to be healthy and accept that there are things they need to work on. Sure, some are more competitive, some are just looking to lose a few pounds, but in general, we are all there for the same reason and are willing to work hard to achieve what we want out of life. We cheer for each other, motivate each other and celebrate for one another as personal goals or personal records are reached.

I have CrossFit City Limits to thank for spending the time with me both in group settings as well as personal sessions. The coaches are exceptional at breaking down movements so I could better understand how to perform the skill before taking the movement head on. They identified a limited range of motion in my ankles and hips and thanks to them…I’m hooked and performing better than ever!