Jennifer B

I never viewed myself as a super fit person, but I thought by running a few miles, 4 or 5 times a week, I would be able to keep up some sort of “healthy lifestyle.”  It was not until I put myself under the “wedding ready” spotlight that I realized running was getting me nowhere near the healthy and fit life I wanted.  A few close friends kept telling me that CrossFit was something I would love, which I thought was silly because of what I thought it was. I had no idea what participating in CrossFit would do for my life!  

July 23, 2014, I stepped foot into CrossFit City Limits, terrified to try my first CrossFit class.  The coaches were so welcoming and encouraging to every new beginner in the class.  They put a high priority on learning the foundations of how human bodies were meant to move and that was the start of a new beginning for me. Going to CrossFit City Limits became a part of my day.  It provided my life stress relief and community while my husband was deployed with the Marines and while work grew increasingly more stressful. It became my third place, where I could go and forget the worries of the world. The coaches not only helped me improve every lift higher than I ever imagined, but most importantly, they taught me to believe in myself. I quickly learned CrossFit is not just about strength and endurance, but about courage and a positive mindset which carries over to every aspect of life.  The coaches worked patiently with me each day and boosted my confidence to a point where I can now squat over 200lbs and throw 140lbs over my head!  I can do a handstand push up and attempt things without allowing the fear of failing to paralyze me.

I am appreciative day in and out that I braved the world at CrossFit City Limits and was lucky enough to stumble upon those amazing coach. I am a whole new person with a whole new fitness level and a new outlook on health and fitness.