Chris Z

Since I was 13 years old, I played sports and spent an enormous amount of time in gyms and weight rooms. I used what I learned in school playing sports and from school coaches to design my workouts.  My focus has always been on losing weight and gaining strength. I had never considered joining CrossFit or getting a coach because I felt I already knew what to do.  It wasn’t until I notice my workouts weren’t getting me anywhere that I considered trying CrossFit.

After starting CrossFit and meeting the coaches at CrossFit City Limits, I can now admit that I honestly had no idea what I was doing for all those years working out. They feel like a waste of time and, like most people, I wish I could go back with everything I know now.  The coaches were able to break down the basics and enhance not only my workouts and overall fitness, but my everyday movements. Little nagging pains have gone away as I am just moving better all around. Because of them, my workout IQ has expanded dramatically. I now work to improve my life through this better understanding of strength training, mobility, body positioning, flexibility and many other areas. From this knowledge I have been able to reach a new level of fitness that I’ve never been before and I’m excited to keep growing.

I didn’t want to mention this, but they wanted me to brag a little bit about myself.  At the time of this article, I am now running a 5:30 mile and back squatting over 400lbs.