Ashley S

At the beginning of 2014, I was a pack-a-day smoker with no real fitness plan. The holidays had just ended and I was carrying around an extra ten lbs from overindulging on booze and sweets during the holiday season. Six months before I had dropped in to CrossFit City Limits for a 10 minute work-out that left me sore for weeks and afraid of changing my ways. But this was the time, and I knew where to go to start. I built up the courage and decided to begin my trek to fitness in February 2014. The coaches treated me with patience and encouragement. I remember using a PVC pipe in the beginning while watching the other CrossFitters with barbells loaded up with heavy weights and wondering if I would ever be able to do the same. Starting the journey was hard, but I persisted.

The coaches' senses of humor, genuine interest in seeing me improve, and their positive outlook helped keep me coming back.  If I was having a rough day, I knew that if I just walked in the door that everything would be alright. After I gained experience and started seeing his methods provide results, I learned how valuable their training advice was and became more focused on soaking up all of their knowledge.

If you listen to the coaches at CrossFit City Limits, you will get better. I can now do pull-ups, I actually love lifting a barbell, and several times, I had the confidence and chance to represent our gym in inter-gym competitions.  I am no longer the beginner in awe of the others, I am one of the others.

I’ve moved cities and relocated at a new gym now. The coach there has given me lots of positive feedback on my form. I give all the credit to CrossFit City Limits and their attention to detail in my first days. As I perform each lift, I go through the mental checklist that they helped me build. If you buy-in to their methods, even when you don’t believe them, and hold yourself to their higher standard during workouts, you will see yourself make great strides.