Kyle G

CrossFit City Limits has changed the way I view fitness.  They have helped me get into the best shape of my life and continue to make improvements. I have been in sports my whole life, as an amateur and professional, exposing me to many different fitness theories and environments. This life has also exposed me to many pesky injuries and surgeries on each hip along with the rehabilitation programs that came with them.  The coaches at CrossFit City Limits have provided me with better results and knowledge than all of those experiences combined. Focus on diagnosing weaknesses and addressing the causes has helped me gain better range of motion in all areas enabling me to perform exercises correctly, safely, and efficiently, and thus, gain the functional strength and health at a level I had previously never been able to achieve, all while staying injury free.  Since I started training at CrossFit City Limits, I have forgotten about my two hip surgeries, just over a year ago, and have never felt as physically fit.  I just wish I would’ve trained with them 6 years ago when I was at the collegiate level and I know I would be in a much better position in my professional career.  They have fun and do things right! Listen and learn because everything they say makes sense and produces results! I just ran a half-marathon in 1:38:51 with no training for it outside of the work-outs I did at CrossFit City Limits.  I made a last minute decision to race in it and wasn’t even signed-up to race until 1:00 AM the morning of the race.  Substituting the gym's work-outs for the traditional training methodology of logging a ton of running hours each week helped avoid the all the injuries caused by that much stress on the body that I heard many runners at the event complain about prior to the race even starting.  I avoided these nagging injuries and also achieve a better time than many of the traditionally trained runners.  I finished in the top 10 percent of all male runners using CrossFit City Limits programming…This gym is legit!