Jessica S

I used to be that girl who would “workout” consistently for a few months with long distance jogging as my main objective, then throw in some crunches and push-ups every once in a while.  After miles and miles of fairly painless work, I would get fed up after not feeling different or seeing any changes with my body.  Yeah, I could comfortably jog for hours, but the results were not reflecting the time I put in.  I would then fall hard off that wagon while my frustrations turned into eating horribly and not doing any type of workout at all.  After a few more months of being miserable, cycle repeat… Then CrossFit City Limits came into my life.  They coaches introduced me to their powerful workout program that has affected every aspect of the way I live.  It has taught me to actually push myself to my limits instead of going through the motions, and it has instilled a mentality and approach to working out that has netted results I never thought possible.  It is the greatest fitness lifestyle I have ever been exposed to.

In all seriousness, I was a little skeptical during my first workout.  The coach started me off with a warm-up. I used to call this warm-up a complete workout in my past days….I was way off.  We then moved on to focusing on a specific functional movement. This was more of a lesson on how technique and efficiency go hand-in-hand.  Then it was time for the work-out; the high intensity, fast moving, working yourself as hard as you possibly can work-out.  The excitement and intensity of the work-out is indescribable (you must try). After less than 10 minutes of this, it was over and time for a cool down.  This was crazy to me.  I thought it took hours and hours to complete a workout.  It took me absolutely no time to get used to this kind of fitness.  The very first workout I completed on November 7, 2011 was an 8 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) of 10 box jumps, 8 x 12lb wallball shots, and 6 banded push-ups.  I got through 4 rounds and 2 wall-ball shots. On January 24, 2012, I completed this same workout in 6 rounds and 3 wall-ball shots.  Another accomplishment of mine that I give all the credit to CrossFit City Limits is improving my half marathon time by 20 minutes with their customized training.  To see these kinds of improvements is such a great feeling.  Every workout is something different, effective and fun.  I know “fun” is a weird word to say in the same sentence as workout, but somehow they do it!

Thanks to CrossFit City Limits, working out has rejuvenated my life in the fitness aspect as well as outside of fitness. I am super excited to keep progressing in my fitness journey!!!