Bri K

I do not think of myself as a very athletic person, but I somehow I have learned to enjoy exercising. I had joined gyms before, worked with personal trainers, etc. but nothing ever stuck. I have been doing CrossFit since 2012 now and big part of that are the coaches and community at CrossFit City Limits. I did not know anything about lifting weights, box jumps, or anything else the coaches were going to have me do. They taught me as a beginner and not only did I learn a lot, but I had a lot of fun! They were very patient demonstrating all the movements and letting me take my time to learn the proper form and technique. They are great about watching you do a movement and helping you understand how you can improve and make tweaks for better performance. When it was time to increase the intensity and weight, it was with confidence. The coaches have always been so encouraging and genuinely interested in making me a stronger, fitter person in a way that fit my goals. The gym goes so far beyond simply being a place where I work-out. I have made a lot of friends through a gym I can call my own and truly enjoy the atmosphere. It’s the main reason why I am still having so much success doing CrossFit today. It’s nice walking into my gym and hearing a coach yell “Bri!” Working out in a community where you know everyone and the coaches really care is so important. CrossFit City Limits is a great gym and cultivates an amazing community which will help anyone reach their goals!