In addition to small group CrossFit and Bootcamp classes, CrossFit City Limits offers a variety of training sessions to fit your individual needs: CrossFit and Bootcamp Classes, Foundation Course, Open Gym, Personal Training, Personal Programming, Movement Screen and Pre-hab Sessions, Technique Personal Training, Corporate/School Private Classes, Weight-loss Programs, and Nutrition Consultations.

CrossFit Classes and Open Gym


Our all-level classes last around an hour and start with a dynamic warm-up, then skill and/or strength work, followed by a conditioning workout, and ending with a cool down which typically includes mobility and stability work to improve your muscle and joint function. Group classes are instructed by experienced personal trainers to allow for the personal attention you desire while also adding the additional motivation of training partners.

All workouts can be scaled and modified to each individuals' fitness level, whether that be modifying the movement itself, using lighter weight, performing less reps, working for a shorter duration, performing a progression of a movement, etc. What this means is although everyone may be doing a slightly different version of the workout, each individual's workout will elicit the metabolic response that is in line with that individuals goals and level.

Within each class, participants have two separate workout options:

1) CrossFit - This track is geared towards members interested in mastering the more complex and advanced movements utilized in CrossFit. We master the basics of gymnastics, we practice and train major lifts, and we bike, row, and run hard and fast. With the goal of simply wanting to be fit or with the goal of improving one’s scores on the competitive stage, our CrossFit track is fun and will get you in shape.

2) Bootcamp - The bootcamp track is what bootcamps in parks wish they could offer. This workout option is for those simply wanting to look better naked, lose body fat, maintain lean muscle-mass, and improve  quality of life without dealing with a heavy barbell. This track is perfect for those eager to learn and take on new and challenging movements and workouts, Although you will still improve your strength following this track, Bootcamp is more biased towards cardio and is a great place for beginners to start.



“The needs of Olympic athletes and grandparents differ by degree not kind.”  -Greg Glassman, CrossFit Founder

Our Foundations Course is designed is for the athlete who is just starting out with us. We put a heavy emphasis on building your foundation of quality movement as we introduce you to the equipment, movements, and modifications used in regular classes as well as completing workouts. In addition to getting acclimated to how we exercise in the gym, during the foundation classes we will watch you move in a variety of ways allowing us to identify possible areas that need to be addressed. We also spend time learning different flexibility techniques you can use to correct any issues we may find. As adults, we lose the ability to perform certain movement patterns because we have habitual and favored movements, and neglected or avoided movements. We have unresolved injuries and chronic problems that cause us to move in a compensated way. When the average adult starts to exercise with one or more limited fundamental patterns, the increased activity actually causes the compensation behavior to get worse.  In the foundations classes, we are able to get out ahead and correct these issues.

Our Foundation Course is 6 classes which are spread out across 2 weeks. The classes occur Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays at 6:30 PM and is appropriate for both, people wanting to follow our regular class CrossFit and Bootcamp options. The course is designed in a way that can be taken in any order, so you do not have to time it perfectly to start with Foundations class #1.

If you cannot make those days/times work for your schedule, you can schedule personal sessions or simply jump into regular classes even though it is highly, highly recommended to attend the Foundations course if you have not had a formal education in exercise and human movement.  Most new members' attend the foundations classes Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays at 6:30 PM, then take Thursdays off as a rest day, and then go to any of our regular classes on Fridays and/or Saturdays. They follow this schedule for 2-weeks and then jump into the regular class times the best fit their schedule or repeat the Foundations Course if they want to really build their foundation before moving on.


Endurance-Bias and Strength-Bias Class Options

Most members’ goals are geared toward this all-around fitness, but some members’ goals are geared more towards endurance events like running races, obstacle course races, and triathlons while some members’ goals are geared more towards overall strength or competing in the sport of CrossFit.  In addition to offering a traditional CrossFit and Bootcamp program, we also offer endurance- and strength-biased class options that will allow you to focus more specifically on short-term or long-term goals you may have. These options share the same classes and are still based around the fundamentals and mythologies of CrossFit; they are simply biased towards a specialty.  


Open Gym

We have a ton of space, so are able to offer a variety of open gym times. Members follow their own personal program, make-up missed classes, or add in supplementary accessory and skill work to the regular classes. Members can work with CrossFit City Limits coaches to create their own personalized program or supplementary work to be performed during open gym hours. These programs can supplement what is done in regular classes or can be a completely separate work-out program depending on the client's goals and motivations. 

To view the open gym schedule, go to the Open Gym tab in our registration software through the Register Tab on the main menu.


12-week Challenge

Nutrition Programs

It's time to put worrying about your diet behind you and move on with your life. Nutrition is a key for living a healthy and fit lifestyle and can be an enormous boost to your athletic performance.  You don't need to starve yourself, do a "cleanse", or only eat meat. We do not give the typical cut calories, low-fat, no eating after 9pm, diet advise and we do not try and sell you supplements or protein bars. We make understanding nutrition and what you need to do as simple as possible and will coach you through taking small steps to make the lifestyle changes needed with your diet to reach your goals.  We will talk to you about the dangers of juice cleanses and fad diets and general misconceptions about nutrition adopted by most Americans. Our take on nutrition is what makes us stand out from the others and why so many people succeed long-term with their nutrition with us. Our primary goal is to teach you how to make good decisions with what you eat without having to eating broccoli and chicken for every meal.

Nutrition Consultation  - $100

  • 1-hour consultation

  • 1 week email correspondence (articles, check-ins, diet analysis, etc.)

Nutrition Program - $295

  • 1-hour consultation

  • Goal Setting

  • 6-weeks of email correspondence (articles, check-ins, diet analysis, etc.)

  • Optional body measurements, etc.

For more information or to schedule your program, Contact Us here.


Competitor/Personal Coaching

Elaine Pullups.jpg

Most of our members’ personal goals are general in fitness and health with makes our broad and general program in classes a perfect fit.  However, some have interest in a much more specific aspect of what we do, competing in the sport of CrossFit. To reach the level of CrossFit competition you desire, a strategic approach must be taken. This approach must take into account your uniqueness as an athlete and your personal strengths and weaknesses. Generic programs like our regular classes, Comp Train, Outlaw, CrossFit Weightlifting, etc., can get you most of the way to your goals. But, to maximize your efforts, you need a personal, dedicated coach to ensure you are doing everything you can to succeed.  As that coach, we will work with you on:


Goals Setting and Planning

We need to know where you want to go. The good news is that in the sport of CrossFit, we know what is required from athletes at certain levels.  If you’d like to compete at the fittest games or at regionals, we know the minimum strength, skill, and fitness requirements to compete.  We help you identify your competitive goals, so we can then make sub-goals on which to focus your training.


Weakness Identification and Planning

In simply following someone’s generic program, there is no individuality for you to take the necessary steps to identify and fix your weaknesses.  You may have muscle imbalances, movement imbalances, programming biases you may not know about, mobility/stability issues each of which could have a dramatic impact on what your workouts should look like. We work with you to track your benchmarks, improve your technique and identify areas that will have the biggest bang for your buck. 



Using a broader program as our outline (Hooligan, Comp Train, etc.), we can tailor the program to fit your exact needs. I have experience with all of these programs and have a deep understanding of why and how these are put together. With this knowledge, I can make tweaks to the program to fit your exact needs to make the program line-up with your competition and vacation calendar, your strengths and weaknesses, and ensure we are headed towards your goals. 


Peaking for Competitions

You need to be at your best come competition time. We can tweak your program to be sure we take advantage of the different phases required to peak for competition.


Skills and Technique

Competing in CrossFit requires a lot of skills and techniques. There are a ton of little subtleties to each movement that can make or break a workout.  Shaving off 10 seconds may not matter in regular classes (especially when you are already beating everyone by 3 minutes, but it could be the difference of qualifying or not. Your movement must be crisp and take advantage of everything possible and I can help you identify and work on these subtle aspects of CrossFit movements. 


Competition Prep and Strategy

Every competition has its own personality. You will know your exact workouts for some and, at the very least, we will know what CrossFit competitions require. Leading up to a competition and on competition day, workout strategies plays a major role in scoring well in events. We love to strategize and can help you come up with a plan to get the best score on each event.



Depending on your goals, nutrition can be the reason you succeed or not. Metabolic conditioning is how your body converts food into energy. You are competing in the sport of turning food into energy. If your goals require it, we will work on setting you up for success.


Mobility, Stability, and Recovery

If there is an issue, you cannot perform at your best. We will help you resolve issues and stay as far ahead of future issues, to maximize your potential.  Leverage is everything and if we are limited, we are wasting energy. 


Additional Open Gym Times only Accessible by Competitor Members


Movement Screen and Pre-hab Session

As adults, we lose the ability to perform certain movement patterns because we have habitual and favored movements, and neglected or avoided movements. We have unresolved injuries and chronic problems that cause us to move in a compensated way.  When the average adult exercises with one or more limited fundamental patterns, the increased activity actually causes the compensation behavior to get worse.  With the movement screen and pre-hab session, we are able to identify these issues and get you back on the correct path.  

For more information or to schedule your session, Contact Us here.


Personal Training Packages

pt carmen.jpg

Some people simply benefit more in a one-on-one atmosphere than they do in small group classes. One-on-one Personal Training sessions are the most effective and efficient way to achieve your personal fitness goals.  One of the CrossFit City Limits coaches will work with you to help define your goals, conduct a comprehensive assessment of your fitness level, and train you through a program designed specifically for your needs.

Individual personal training sessions or smaller group classes are available upon request. These types of sessions can be tailored to fit your specific needs and goals, including personal strength programming, sport specific training, nutritional education, movement and mobility sessions, skill work, and endurance training.

For more information or to schedule your training session, Contact Us here.


Specialty Personal Training Sessions

Need some one-on-one time to work on something specific: Nutrition, Recovery, Olympic Weightlifting, Kipping, Muslce-ups, etc.?  CrossFit City Limits offers 30 minute and 1-hour specialty personal training sessions.  We can get you over that hump and help develop the skills and information you need to succeed.


Corporate/School Classes

A – Onsite Bootcamp Classes

Onsite boot-camp classes are staffed with one of the most experienced coaches in Austin.  Going well beyond your typical boot-camp instructor, the Coaches at CrossFit City Limits are movement specialists as opposed to work-out cheerleaders.  We provide world class movement instruction mixed with a positive atmosphere to promote team building, fitness, flexibility, and performance. This option is perfect for businesses and private schools.

B – Private Group Training Once a Week at CrossFit City Limits

Without the equipment limitations of onsite boot-camp classes, one of our experienced CrossFit coaches provide a basic CrossFit program that benefits any fitness level.  Attendees will improve all aspects of their fitness, while learning proper movement patterns and mobility exercises to supplement the strains of sitting behind a desk.  Attendees will become capable of participating in many local events like 5ks, mud races, etc.

C – Private Group Training Twice a Week at CrossFit City Limits

After many companies start with once a week training, employees start requesting a twice a week option.  This provides all the benefits of one a week private training for your employees, but allows us the flexibility of a more complete strength and conditioning program.


We can tailor any program to your company’s needs, so please do not hesitate to ask. Contact Us for more information.