Getting Started is Easy


Contrary to popular (and misguided) belief, doing CrossFit when you’re new or not very strong will not be a massively humiliating experience. In fact, the first months are arguably the most wonderful and memorable for a CrossFitter because you’ll frequently blow past your body’s self-imposed limits. That’s a great feeling.

The CrossFit City Limits community is made up of some of the most positive, empowered and motivated people we know. Our expert coaching staff are amazing at ensuring proper form and technique to maximize your results and the transferability of our program into your everyday life. Lifelong friendships are created here. So, if you’re looking to join a tribe and make fitness a part of your life – look no further.

What makes CrossFit City Limits different than other gyms?

  • We provide personal training, primarily delivered in group classes, to achieve functionally fit bodies within the context of individuals’ goals and real lives.

  • Community - Fun, welcoming atmosphere where people know your name.

  • Expert, not in-your-face coaching. We are laid back and know when to push or pull-back.

Our Guarantees:

  • Cancel Anytime for Any Reason

  • Free Membership Freezes

Free Intro Session!

We have a very unique program at CrossFit City Limits – especially for people who are new to CrossFit and weightlifting. All new potential members start with a free intro session. This enables individuals to meet the coaches, check out our training facility, discuss goals, past workout experiences, learn what makes the CrossFit City Limits way so effective, and see why we have the amazing reputation we have. Each session is approximately an hour long, ending with an instructor led workout that will be customized to any fitness level and ability.

Check-out our Movement Foundations Video Series below to see how we coach to make learning simple, optimize performance, and resolve pain!

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