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Are you an ex-athlete looking for that competitive feel?

“I am the fittest I have EVER been in my life. I am stronger, faster, and leaner now than I was when I was a collegiate gymnast. I am SO thankful and blessed that I found my "home" at CrossFit City Limits!!!”
Elaine T. (Physical Therapist)

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Are you burned-out or injured?

“In early 2013 I was diagnosed with adhesive capsulitis, also known as a frozen shoulder. As I write this, I have seen my shoulder mobility and strength continue to get better and better. I’m stronger, I feel better, and my shoulder will NOT be a handicap in anything I choose to do.”
-Stan P


Are you looking to belong?

“The camaraderie within the CrossFit City Limits community is something I haven’t experienced in a long time. We cheer for each other, motivate each other and celebrate for one another as personal goals or personal records are reached.”
-Morgan B

Are you an experienced CrossFitter or weightlifter looking for a new training facility? Have you recently moved and are looking for a new gym? Or just unhappy with what your current box is providing?.

At CrossFit City Limits, we take a long-view approach to programming.  Within different program phases, we cycle skills and vary volume and intensity to ensure you continue to blow past old PRs.  All cycles of our program are centered around CrossFit, but will bias strength, Olympic weightlifting, speed, endurance, and/or gymnastics skills as we improve every aspect of our fitness!   At CrossFit City Limits, we offer CrossFit, CrossFit Strength-bias, and CrossFit Endurance-bias programs to custom fit our work-out program to each individual's’ specific goals, needs, and interests.

We break our workouts up into training and testing. In training workouts, we prioritize technique over intensity and ego because it is the ONLY way to resolve nagging pains and live healthy, fit, and pain free for the rest of our lives AND to develop the foundation for elite performance. In our testing workouts we go as hard as we can using the technique we’ve developed. Through this method, results are astronomical.

Take a 360 Photo Tour! Huge 7,500 sq ft with showers!

Our gym is designed to be as accommodating as possible to the realities of real life. Our Membership Guarantees:

  • Cancel Anytime for Any Reason

  • Free Membership Freezes

What makes us different than other CrossFit affiliates:

Our gym is set-up to deliver the best member experience possible. We have a very large space allowing for us to offer flexible class scheduling and a ton of open gym times to work on your own program or just get some extra skill work in. We understand the realities of real life and our goal is to deliver you the most efficient coaching and classes for your individual goals. We are not trying to cram you into our program. We learn why you are in the gym, and whatever your goals, our coaches custom fit our program to your individual goals, fitness level, restrictions, and preferences. Our coaches provide you the best workout and guidance for YOU!

Step 1

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Free Class or Free Intro

With your previous CrossFit experience, you have the option of just jumping into a free class or coming to an intro session to chat about your goals, talk about the gym, and do a quick workout with us.

Step 2

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Unlimited Trial Week - $25

We are CrossFitters ourselves and understand that one interaction is likely not enough to make your choice. Come to unlimited classes and open gym while on your Trial Week and get to know the community. If you sign-up, we’ll give you your $25 back!!!

Step 3

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Starter Package: Unlimited 3-Month Membership - $165 per month

It’s time to get to work. Enjoy unlimited classes and open gym and we’ll even freeze your account for free if you are traveling! The CrossFit City Limits coaches will get to know you and go all-in with you and your results.

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