Are you an experienced CrossFitter or weightlifter looking for a new training facility? Have you recently moved and are looking for a new gym? Or just unhappy with what your current box is providing?.

At CrossFit City Limits, we take a long-view approach to programming.  Within different program phases, we cycle skills and vary volume and intensity to ensure you continue to blow past old PRs and are peaking at the right time for gym competitions and the CrossFit Open.  All phases of our program are centered around CrossFit, but will bias strength, Olympic weightlifting, speed, endurance, and/or gymnastics skills and improve every aspect of your fitness!   At CrossFit City Limits, we offer CrossFit, CrossFit Strength-bias, and CrossFit Endurance-bias programs to custom fit your work-out program to your specific goals, needs, and interests.

CrossFit City Limits can offer what few other gyms can. We provide expert coaching, flexible class scheduling, open gym hours, specialty classes, movement screen and pre-hab sessions, goal setting sessions and nutrition seminars. All these contribute to our athletes reaching and exceeding their individual, personal fitness goals.

Experienced CrossFitters who are trying CrossFit City Limits for the first time have the option of a free intro session and/or an unlimited trial week for $25, where you can continue to see if we are a good fit, try out various class times, and have extended exposure to our programming prior to committing to one of our regular membership options.


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