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TRANSFORM Challenge Free Info Sessions


TRANSFORM Challenge Season 24 is starting June 3!!!

Curious about TRANSFORM??? Keoni is hosting free info sessions:
Mondays at 7:30 PM
Wednesdays at 7:30 PM
Fridays at 6:30 PM

Register for a Free Info Session through MindBody.

Here's What You Get on the Challenge...

TRANSFORM Mindset Masterclass

☑️Anything is Possible Mindset. Learn how to bend the universe and shift reality to create your destiny and engineer your future to your exact specifications. 
☑️"Just Show Up" Mantra. Realize how EASY it is to pull of the TRANSFORMation when all you need to do is walk through the door. 
☑️Hope. Discover the tools and tactics you need to turn negative experiences into positive catalysts that will thrust you towards lifelong success. 
☑️Will Power. Learn how to say NO to lifes most tempting indulgences, every time!
☑️Discipline. Discover the secrets to mastering DAILY exercise and clean eating habits, NOW and forever.
☑️Motivation. Learn how to tap into and unleash all of the inner strength you need to conquer your most daunting goals. 
☑️Time. Discover how to turn your busiest, most jam-packed days into your greatest advantage.
☑️Energy. Learn how a few small lifestyle tweaks could release boundless internal power to energize your body and clear your mind.
☑️Experience. Discover how to quickly and easily harness the power of all TRANSFORM best practices to immediately apply them effectively to your life. 
☑️Money. Learn how to use FITNESS to increase confidence, productivity, ingenuity, creativity and personal INCOME, while decreasing the unnecessary spending and wasted time that comes with unhealthy habits and lifestyle.

TRANSFORM Nutrition Masterclass

☑️What to Eat & NOT to Eat Guide
☑️How Much to Eat Guide
☑️When to Eat Guide
☑️Macronutrient Guidelines
☑️Meal Plans
☑️Meal Prep Guide
☑️Grocery Shopping List
☑️Eating Out Guide
☑️Supplement Guide
☑️Food Journal 
☑️MyFitnessPal Tools
☑️Intermittent Fasting Tools
☑️3 Cheat Meals Per Week 🍕🍷🍺

12 Weeks of Nutrition Coaching

☑️Customized Nutrition Planning☑️Daily Accountability Check-ins☑️Weekly Food Journal Check-ins☑️Weekly TRANSFORM Support Group☑️TRANSFORMer Facebook Group

12 Weeks of Fitness Coaching

☑️Customized Fitness Plan for 12 Weeks☑️Measurements, Body Fat Testing, Photos
☑️Unlimited CrossFit Classes ☑️Unlimited Open Gym
☑️Customized Coaching in Every Class
☑️Personalized Modifications in Every Class☑️4 Expert CrossFit Coaches on Staff
☑️Over 30 Years of Combined Experience 

12 Weeks of Community

☑️Membership with over 150 Professionals☑️Community Support and Accountability☑️Outdoor Community Hikes, Stand Up Paddling and Workouts☑️Workout Leaderboard Opportunities☑️CFEO Community Social Events

12 Week Conclusion Festivities

☑️Photo Shoot Preparation and Coaching☑️Professional TRANSFORM Photo Shoot☑️Final Measurements, Body Fat Testing☑️TRANSFORM Awards Gala Black Tie Event☑️TRANSFORM TRIUMPH Finisher Shirt☑️PIC ON THE BIG SCREEN AT PARTY! 😳☑️TRANSFORM Winners Prize Packages🎁


👙 Beach Body Champion
💪🏽 Six Pack Champion
🏆 Biggest Loser

All you need to do is ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE, click the link below and Schedule Your FREE Group Info Session NOW to Start June 3rd. LET'S DO THIS!
Aloha, Keoni

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