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CFCL Programming

CFCL Programming

Here's what's going on with our programming! Give it a read to learn how you can maximize your results:

You trust us to maximize your results from the effort you put into the gym.  The reality is that, because most every member is on their own individual class schedule, in trying to provide the community with a program that works best with unknown rest days, the workout program, although extremely effective, is not optimal.  We are taking an innovative step to optimize the program.  

All of you not only have different schedules and lives, but you also have slightly different goals or interests when it comes to your fitness. A CrossFit program provides an all-around fitness that has incredible real world applications.  Most members’ goals are geared toward this all-around fitness, but some members’ goals are geared more towards endurance events like running races, obstacle course races, and triathlons while some members’ goals are geared more towards overall strength.  Some just like to lift heavy or run far and some don’t.  We have found a way, in addition to offering you the same effective CrossFit program you have come to love, to also offer biased programs that will allow you to focus more specifically on short-term or long-term goals you may have.

For each of these additional programs, please note that they are all based around the fundamentals and mythologies of CrossFit; they are simply biased towards a specialty. There is not a pure running program or a pure weightlifting program as those would not be following CrossFit fundamentals. They will all still look and feel very similar to the CrossFit program and will actually share many of the same exact classes.  

CrossFit – This is for the majority of our community wanting to explore their overall fitness potential.  This is what we’ve been doing all along with incredible results.  

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays


CrossFit Endurance-bias – This will look very similar to the regular CrossFit program and the CrossFit Strength-bias program, but will tend to have longer WODs, less strength work, and include more cardio exercises.

Sundays or Mondays (Open Gym), Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays


CrossFit Strength-bias – This will look very similar to the regular CrossFit program and the CrossFit Endurance-bias program, but will tend to include more strength work and Olympic lifting.

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays


Within each of the programs we will still be offering our Fitness and Competitor options.  One option is not easier or better than the other, they are simply designed for different goals and preferences.   

Fitness - This workout option is for those looking to look better naked, lose body fat, maintain lean muscle-mass, and improve their quality of life. Eager to learn and take on new and challenging movements and workouts, but is not looking to compete in local or online CrossFit competitions.  The Fitness track will focus on delivering simpler workouts to allow you to focus on going hard and getting results.

Competitor - This track is geared towards members interested in mastering the more complex and advanced movements utilized in CrossFit or with the goal of improving one’s scores on the competitive stage.  This track will be focused on training with all of the movements and weights that are seen in competition.  People following this track work hard on perfecting technique as that is the key for success within fitness sports.  This Competitor track will focus on delivering adaptations that translate to the real work, but also take the extra steps to develop the subtleties needed to improve efficiency in advanced exercises.

How to Follow a Program

  • Choose your program: 
    • CrossFit, 
    • CrossFit Endurance-bias, or 
    • CrossFit Strength-bias.
  • Go to classes on the days listed for that program:
    • CrossFit: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays
    • CrossFit Endurance-bias: Sundays or Mondays (Open gym or at home), Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays
    • CrossFit Strength-bias: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays

Each program is based off of our core CrossFit program and biased in a direction, so they share many of the same classes.  Each day at the gym, the workout done in each class time will be the same throughout the day.  There will be class days that all three programs share the same workout and there will be class days that specific programs should use as a rest day.  For example, if you are following any of the CrossFit, CrossFit Endurance-bias, or CrossFit Strength-bias programs, you will all go to the Tuesday Class.  On Wednesday, if you are following the CrossFit Strength-bias program, you would take a rest day whereas if you were following either the CrossFit or CrossFit Endurance-bias program you would attend class.

If you are someone whose schedule changes frequently and cannot commit to certain days of the week, then you can simply continue coming to the gym whenever you can make it and doing whatever workout is going on.  This will effectively be like jumping into a gym’s typical CrossFit program as the different biases of class types you join will even themselves out.  This way, you will be doing the same thing you were doing before the program change.  If you are not following a specific program, the only thing to look out for is none of the programs are designed to attend Wednesday and Thursday classes in the same week as they may be similar in muscle groups used. 

Also, please remember that we have a wide range of Open Gym times available to use if you are following a program and looking to make-up any class you missed.


Test Week

The CrossFit City Limits Test Week is a week-long series of classes that will test all aspects of your fitness.  This same week will be used as a benchmark and will be repeated around 4 times a year, allowing you to easily track your progress.  

You should look at the classes and individual components not as individual tests, but as one big test.  Although you may, you should not expect to set a new personal record (PR) on everything you do.  The accumulation of work-out done throughout the week will have a big impact on your performance on the workouts later in the week.  For example, we may or may not PR our mile time trial on Wednesday, but when we repeat the test week, even if it is still not a PR, if we improve our mile time trial within the test week then we know we are making progress.

It is highly recommended you take notes on your workout times, weights, and how you scale, so you can replicate the same workouts over time and use that data to verify improvements and gains.

It is intended that you come to 5 out of the 6 classes during the test week, choosing the classes that best fit your goals:

General Fitness (CrossFit) – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

Endurance Bias – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday

Strength Bias – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday



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