The Core Values

of the

CrossFit City Limits Team

We Provide a WOW Experience

When anyone comes to CrossFit City Limits, an out-of-town drop-in, a prospective member, or a new member, or someone who has been with us for years, their experience should WOW them.

Ever Member, Every Class:

  • Hears their name when they walk in, before class, or during warm-up.

  • Is coached by a humble, open-minded expert who knows how to make the class enjoyable.

  • Has their class start and finish on time.

  • Can hear the coach clearly.

  • Is properly warm-up and cooled-down.

  • Is provided clear, detailed instructions on how to perform movements properly, scale workouts, and tips on strategy.  

  • Receives personal coaching, scaling, and suggestions, relevant to their goals and life,

  • Can think of any of the coaches as their friend.

  • Has the coaches’ full attention in the class.  The coach is not:

    • Eating,

    • Doing mobility,

    • Paying too much attention to music, or

    • On their phone.

We are CrossFit City Limits Ambassadors


  • Are Passionate about Fitness and Wellness beyond just working out.

  • Are Passionate about Sharing, Coaching, and Learning

  • Are a Community Role Models and are not pretending to be someone we are not

  • Have Perspective and understand context within the realities of real life

  • Live a Balanced Life, but are Willing to Grind when needed.

  • Are All-in with the Brand, it’s reputation, and future

  • Put the Community First and take pride in our service to the CrossFit City Limits community.  

Lead with Extreme Ownership

“All responsibility rests with the leader.  The leader must own everything in his or her world.  There is no one else to blame. The leader must acknowledge mistakes and admit failures, take ownership of them, and develop a plan to win.” -From Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin

Everyone on the team is a leader.  We:

  • Plan, Prep, and Create Healthy Habit.  We do not wing it. We plan and prep and because of the hard, dedicated work we put in behind the scenes, we make it all look easy and seamless.

  • Support each other and the community.  We are not looking for others to blame.  It is up to us, together, to build the best community in Austin.  It doesn’t matter if it’s part of our individual jobs, we step-up to help.

  • Are Decisive.  When making hard decisions, we are decisive.  We understand that not deciding is worse than making the wrong choice.   All decisions are made with our core values and the community’s best interest at heart.

  • Keep it simple.  When communicating to our members, instructions and workouts should be simple.  If they don’t get it, we failed and we need to simplify it more.

  • Prioritize and Execute.  In context of the big picture of the business or correcting a movement fault with a member, we do not try and tackle every issue at once.  We prioritize the most important and we get it done before moving on to the next issue.

  • Have Decentralized Command.  The leadership of CrossFit City Limits must be broken down into teams of 4-5 people, each team with a designated leader.  Those leaders must understand the vision and goals of the community. Teams within teams must be established and empowered to make decisions and every leader must understand not just what to do, but why they are doing it.

  • Lead up and Down the Chain of Command. We take ownership of the entire CrossFit City Limits community and our role in it.  We take responsibility for leading everyone in our world, ourselves, members, other coaches, and leadership alike. If someone isn’t doing what we want or need them to do, we look in a mirror first and determine what we can do to better enable this.  We don’t ask our leader what we should do, we tell them what we are going to do and get feedback.

It is not what we preach, it is what we tolerate.  Open and honest communication is key for understanding our strengths and where we can improve.  We are quick, clear, and honest with, both positive and negative, feedback while remaining sensitive, supportive, and non-personal with members, other coaches, and leadership alike.  We do not hide things or keep our opinions to ourselves. No one is untouchable, even the leaders. Honesty will always be respected and not punished. Everyone should say what they believe and understand they will be heard.  Ultimately, decisions will be made for the greater good of the community.

We Provide Constant Feedback with Candor & Compassion