Welcome Coach Keoni!

Keoni Subiono is a ball of ENERGY that came straight outta Hawai'i and exploded in Texas. His charisma and passion for people and fitness is contagious. He's definitely a unique character who never loses his zest for life. Keoni has been a full time fitness professional for over 19 years and has been coaching CrossFit for 12. 
Keoni and his wife Rose have been together since their high school days in Hawaii and together they have five kids, Elijah, Ka'eo, Kulani, Eve and Koa. Keoni attended Azusa Pacific University in Southern California, spent seven years there and started his a career as a personal trainer. He fell in love with helping others get fit and made it his life's mission to master the art, science and business of fitness. 
After living in Los Angeles Keoni moved back home to Hawaii. There he opened a number of different fitness businesses. His greatest accomplishment was opening CrossFit East O'ahu with his wife Rose. Together they grew membership to a rock solid community of 350 in 8 years. Rose and Keoni then decided it was time to pass on the torch and set off on a new adventure. They sold CFEO, packed up the kids and head out to the Wild Wild West! Today, they call AUSTIN, TX and CrossFit City Limits, home. He's looking forward seeing all of Texas and the world!


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