Announcements week of August 27

Labor Day

One workout @9:00am



In Teams of 5 CFCL Members*
For Time
1,600m Double Barbell Carry (135lbs on each Barbell)**
500 Lateral Burpees over Planking Teammate***
1,600m Double Barbell Carry

*Each Team of 5 Must:
+ Consist of at least 2 Men and 2 Women.
+ Include 1 Member who has been at CFCL for less than 1 year.

**Team will have a total of 2 barbells weighing 135lbs to carry for 1,600m.  Teammates can share the loads in any way.

***500 lateral burpees are broken up and shared between teammates in any way, but once you rotate, everyone must do at least 1 lateral burpee before you can go again.

10 AM on Saturdays is preferable, but your team may meet at CFCL during any Open Gym time that fits your team members' schedules. If you are looking for teammates, please post on the main whiteboard at the gym or in the gym's group Facebook pageto fill out your team.

Teams and Times will be kept on the Announcement Section of the Main Whiteboard trough September 16.  You have 1 month to complete. Enjoy!


Kyle Ligon, James Bronson, Kate Halloway, Kate Jimenez, Alena Bensussan: 1:11:40