Announcements - Week of August 6


You Ask, We Answer! 

Q: Why shouldn't I workout 5-6 days in a row? I feel great and I want to do what I want! 
A: There will be 5 minute read on this eventually, but for now, I'll keep it very simple.  Working out puts stresses on your body that actually make you less fit.  It is the recovery process that repairs tissues and when your body adapts and improves its fitness.  Balance is key.  Work out too much and we are not getting adequate time to realize the full gains from our hard work.  Work out too little and you are not putting enough stress on your body to cause adaptation.  CFCL's programs are based in science and what the best in the world is doing.  If you are able to workout every single day, then likely the intensity in each of your workouts is not high enough to optimize your progress.  Go hard, recover, repeat.  Our programs plan for and incorporate 2 rest days a week to allow us to maximally recover from the the volume and intensity we in classes.

Q: How do I prevent extreme hamstring and leg soreness? 
A: Be sure to arrive to class on time and properly warm up and cool-down. Make sure you put effort and focus into your recovery. Get 8+ hours of quality sleep a night.  Eat an anti-inflammatory balanced diet consisting of real foods, mostly vegetables, in the right amounts.  Be sure you are eating enough food! Lay off the alcohol and sugar!  Get more than 8 hours of quality sleep per night. Make sure you take rest days from going as hard as possible. Perform soft tissue work (massages, smashing, flossing, stretching) and joint work (banded distractions) on your body.  Be active throughout the day and on your rest days to not live a sedentary life outside of the gym. Manage stress and be happy.  A major difference in the well trained and the novice is the ability to recover.

 Committed Club

Congratulations to the following members for their dedication to their training! Being a part of the committed club is an honor and a testament to fitness gains. Consistency is the key and the more you’re at CFCL kicking butt, the closer you are to your goals! To be a part of the committed club, you must sign in and WOD at CFCL 15 separate days, or more, during the calendar month. Many of you were one visit short!

Murtadha A

 Sarah A

 Alejandro A

 Emily B

 Brian B

 Hessy D

 Patrick D

 Matt G

 Robyn G

 Mark G

 Thomas H

 Christina H

 Bri K

 Logan L

 Chris L

 David M

 Richard M

 Marco M

 Thuy N

 Ty P

 Danny P

 Michael P

 Dominique P

 Becca S

 Fred S

 Elaine T

 Sam W