Announcements Week of July 30 2018

You Ask, We Answer! 
Q: Pirates or Ninjas? 
A: Arrr you serious? Two eyes, two legs, ninjas! 

Q: What's your Fran time? 
A: KYLE - I am smaller so pull ups are no problem, but I have to be clever with rep schemes to move the 95# barbell through that many reps. 
10/21/2011 - 10:30 RX
7/10/2012 - 7:45 RX
6/1/2013 - 4:27 RX
6/21/2015 - 3:59 RX
1/22/2016 - 3:31 RX
*Have not PR'd since but have bombed out trying many times
5/2013 - 7:01, 35#, with a green band
12/2013 - 9:57 RX
6/2014 - 6:14 RX
9/2015 - 5:40 RX
6/2016 - 4:41 RX
12/2017 - 4:27 RX
* Fran scares the life out of my because I am so aware of how bad it is going to hurt, which tests me mentally more than any other workout. A one second PR for Fran would be incredible! 

Q: What can I eat in the car for breakfast on the go that does not require me to warm it up? 
A: Hard boiled eggs; turkey slices, fruit, and almond butter; salmon and rice; salad. This is a pretty subjective question, because you could eat anything cold. My follow up question would be, "why are you eating in the car and why does it have to be cold?" We have a refrigerator and a microwave at the gym if that makes your life easier, please use them. Let's talk about ways to make sure you are getting a healthy breakfast! 

Q: Will you offer a long distance race running group? CFCL needs a long run group.
A: We offer the endurance program that includes a long run on Mondays :). Let's work together to gauge interest on a specific race and gather people to get ready.

Q: Would it be too much to come twice a day? 

A: Depends, but more than likely yes. Rest and recovery is when the body builds muscle and repairs tissue, so it's important to get enough rest and not overtrain.  The intensity of your workouts is much more important than volume, usually, when people do multiple workouts, their intensity is not high enough to optimize their results.

Q: Cats or Dogs?
A: Duh

IMG_2702 (1).jpg

Q: Do you recommend taking any particular supplements?
A: Five Minute Reads - Supplements

Q: So many athletes are afraid of failure when it comes to joining a CF gym. 1) What would you tell them about approaching the concept of failure? 2) What failures scare each of the coaches about being a coach?
A: Five Minute Reads - Failure



"There's no easy way out, there's no shortcut home." -Robert Tepper (Rocky IV)