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Community Spotlight

A Book to Love - Alex Kiester

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As a writer, I justify reading as “research” and start every day with a book and a cup of tea and end every night with a book and a very hot bath. Due to this grueling work schedule, I typically read about four books a month, start almost twice that, and post only my favorites on A Book to Love. This is A Book to Love after all, not loathe or even like.

Always on the prowl for a fabulous new book, I’ve waded through sometimes-good algorithm-produced suggestions and Top 50 book lists that recommend I read “To Kill A Mockingbird” for the third time. Don’t get me wrong: I’m as much a fan of Atticus Finch as the next girl, but I want to discover fresh, new titles. Finding good books takes time, energy, and research. A Book to Love does that for you.

I review commercial and literary fiction, mysteries, women’s fiction, historical fiction and motivational nonfiction with the odd miscellaneous thrown in. So if you’re in the market for, say, a memoir set during the Vietnam war, you’re probably out of luck. But I hope you stick around and discover something else to love! The book recommendations are searchable by genre and you can shop for books directly from the site!

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