Saturday 10.05.19

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CrossFit, Strength, and Endurance

Badass to Good Ass: Strength Week 2


Share Reps Any Way with Partner
150 Push-ups
150 One-arm DB/KB Hang Clean and Jerks (50/35/Medium)*
150 DB/KB Goblet Squats
600m DB/KB Carry

*Athletes can choose whatever rep scheme they want, but an equal number of Hang Clean and Jerks must be done with their left and right sides.


CrossFit Strength (Open Gym)
do class OR Open Gym

Same as Class
Open Gym Option:

Bench Press
1 x 3 (85% 3 RM)
1 x 3 (90% 3 RM)
3 x 3 (95% 3 RM)

3 x Super Sets:
a. 8-ish DB Incline Chest Flys
b. (Max Reps - 2) Strict Rig Dips
c. (Max Reps - 2) Ice Cream Makers
d. 20-ish GDH Sit-ups