Saturday 5.25.19

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CrossFit & CrossFit Endurance
CrossFit Strength (Open Gym)

A PR is Born: Hypertrophy #2, week 4 of 4


For Time
50 Burpees
3 Rounds
300m Single-arm DB/KB Farmer Carry (53/35/Medium)
100m Single-arm DB/KB OH Walk
400m Run

*100m is from the front door to the back door. 300m is from the back door, around the block to the front door.


CrossFit Strength (Open Gym)

Bench Press

Ice Cream Makers
3xHard Set

3 x Super Sets
a. 12 Incline DB Bench Press
b. 12 Band Face Pulls
c. Max Bottom of Ring Dip Hold
d. Max Top of Pull-up Hold
e. Hard Set Balance Ball Leg Raises