Saturday 1.12.19


CrossFit, CrossFit Strength, & Endurance

Winter is Coming: Strength 2 of 2 week 4 of 5


6 Rounds for Time with Partner*
30 Wallballs (20/14)
30 Sumo-deadlift High-Pulls
30 Box Jumps (20"/16")
30 Push Presses (75/55/30%)
400m Run

Run Scaling:
Sub 7:30 Mile = 400's
7:30 - 10:00 = 400-200-400-200-400
10:00+= 200's

*Share reps any way. Alternate which partner completes the run each round.


CrossFit Strength (Open Gym)

Close Grip Bench Press
1x3(55% 3RM)
1x3(62.5% 3RM)
1x3(67.5% 3RM)
1x3(72.5% 3RM)
1x3(76.5% 3RM)
1x3(81% 3RM)
1x3(67.5% 3RM)
1x3(72.5% 3RM)

2 Super Sets
a. Hard Set DB Bench Press
b. Hard Set DB Bent-over Rows

3 Super Sets
a. Hard Set Tricp Band Pull-downs
b. Hard Set DB Lateral Raises
c. Hard Set L/R DB Bicep Curls
d. Hard Set Evil Wheels
*Add 1 rep or add weight relative to last week.