Saturday 12.29.18



CrossFit, CrossFit Strength, & Endurance

Winter is Coming: Strength 2 of 2 week 2 of 5


30:00 AMRAP
(Teams of 4, Share Reps Any Way)
Row for Calories
75 Toes-to-Bar
75 KB Swings (70/53/Heavy)

*Your team can share reps in any way. Your team's score will be total calories rowed and total reps on the AMRAP of TTB and KBS. One of your teamates will always be rowing while the other 3 are working on the AMRAP. You may change who is where at any time.


CrossFit Strength (Open Gym)

Close Grip Bench Press
1x3(50% 3RM)
1x3(57.5% 3RM)
1x3(67.5% 3RM)
5x3(72.5% 3RM)

2 Super Sets
a. Hard Set DB Bench Press
b. Hard Set DB Bent-over Rows

3 Super Sets
a.Hard Set Tricp Band Pull-downs
b. Hard Set DB Lateral Raises
c. Hard Set L/R DB Bicep Curls
d. Hard Set Evil Wheels
*Add 1 rep or add weight relative to last week.