Saturday 5.26.18

CrossFit, CrossFit Strength, & Endurance

Project Badass Strengthen #3


15:00 AMRAP (with Partner)
20 C2B Pull Ups
20 Thrusters (155/105/55%)
Then Immediately,
2400m Run*

*Run individually, not as a pair.

Run Scaling:
If you have a:
Sub 8:00 Mile: 2400m per run
8:00 - 10:00 Mile: 2000m per run
10+ minute Mile: 1600m per run


CrossFit Strength

Same as Class
Open Gym Option:
Bench Press
1x3 (87.5% of 3RM)
1x3 (92.5% of 3RM)
3x3 (97.5% of 3RM)

3 x Super Sets
a. 10-ish DB Incline Chest Flys
b. (Max Reps - 2) Strict Rig Dips
c. (Max Reps - 2) Ice Cream Makers
d. 20-ish GDH Sit Ups