Thursday 7.04.19

CrossFit Strength (CrossFit and Endurance REST Day)

A PR is Born: Strength Week 1 of 3


DUBS Partner Workout

All other classes cancelled
For the 4th of July!!!

12:00 AMRAP
150 Air Squats while Partner is Holding a Squat
100 Lateral Burpees over Push-up Planking Partner's Feet
AMRAP Alternating One-arm DB Snatches while Partner is Holding a Side Plank

Then, Start Over with Air Squats for an 8:00 AMRAP, take 4:00 of Rest and then start where you left off with a 4:00 AMRAP

*Score is Total DB Snatches x Weight. Partners use the Same DB

Join us for a partner workout/competition; bring a friend or come alone, there are always people to partner with!