Wednesday 6.28.17


  • We will be hosting a 10am WOD on the 4th of July followed by a potluck BBQ! Check the Facebook Event page for more info.
  • 5 Year Anniversary Boat Party is scheduled for Sunday, July 30th from 11am - 3pm on Lake Travis. More details to come so be on the lookout for the official email. 
  • Due to lack of attendance, Open Gym on Sundays has been cancelled.


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20:00 to establish 1RM Deadlift



For Time
Cleans (40% of Max Deadlift)
*Rest as needed between sets but all reps must be touch and go. Dropping the weight would be a "foul" and the set wouldn't count. Use same weight for all three sets.


Post weight used and times to comments

Blake Holman

CrossFit City Limits, 6613 North Lamar Boulevard, Austin, TX, 78752