Monday 4.10.17

New Saturday Schedule

  • 9am All Levels Class: Workouts will be mainly gymnastic and cardio oriented (meaning we will tend to stay away from the barbells) and will often incorporate some type of partner or team element. This class is by no means any easier than our regular class offerings, just slightly less technical to accommodate all ability and experience levels

  • 10am Advanced Training Session: This class is for our more experienced CrossFitters who want to squeeze in some additional lifting and workout with those of similar ability levels. I will help lead the training session and provide the programming I'm going to follow for the day. This will include some type of power lifting or olympic weightlifting component, gymnastics piece and then a WOD.  Participants will be responsible for warming themselves up and must have a strong understanding and proficiency in the olympic lifts. Essentially this a guided Open Gym offering.

  • 10am - Noon: Open Gym hours



  • Check out the latest blog post regarding Saturday class offerings. Trying something new! Click here for more info.
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  • Weekly Challenge is up on the Open Gym whiteboard: For Time - Max Unbroken Wallballs (20lb / 14lb)
  • April / May Promotion: Get a friend, family member, co-worker, stranger off the street to sign up and receive 50% off your next month's membership!
  • This Saturday, 4/15/17, Peached Social House is hosting an event with boozy milkshakes and breakfast sammies from Noon - 3pm. We are planning on leaving the gym at 11:45am to walk over so check out the Facebook event for more info and let us know if you are interested in joining!


Muscle-up Workshop

When: Saturday, April 22nd @10:30am and Saturday, May 20 @10:30am
Pre-requisite: 1 Pull-up and 1 Ring Dip

If your goal is to get on top of the rings for the first time or simply to improve your Muscle Ups, you've come to the right place. This Muscle-up workshop is a combination of 2 on site workshops and accessory homework.  

The first workshop we will work on understanding the skills needed to improve on the rings. After that, you will have 4 weeks of homework. Each week, you will have 2 accessory/skill work sessions to complete on your own. These sessions will let you practice the skills of the Muscle-up while building the strength and stability needed to improve. We will end with a final workshop where we will clean things up and set some PRs!




Back Squats: 10@70%, 8@75%, 6@80%, 4@85%



12:00 EMOM
Minute 1: 1 Round of strict "Cindy"
Minute 2: 15/12 Calorie Row
Minute 3: Max Clean & Jerks (135lb / 95lb)


Post weights used and total Clean & Jerks to comments