Saturday Trial Run

Hey Guys and Gals,

In order to help alleviate some of the Saturday morning craziness and continue to provide the coaching and personal attention each and every one of you deserves, we are going to try something new this weekend (Sat, 4/8/17) and see how it goes.

We tend to have quite a mix on Saturday's, with attendees ranging from our newest to our most experienced members, out of town drop-ins, friends/family members trying it out for the first time, etc. and I feel this new structure will allow for all parties to come away with a more positive and fulfilling training session.



  • The 9:30am All Levels class will be offered at 9am. It will still be an hour long and is still free for friends and family of our members. Workouts will be mainly gymnastic and cardio oriented (meaning we will tend to stay away from the barbells) and will often incorporate some type of partner or team element. This class is by no means any easier than our regular class offerings, just slightly less technical to accommodate all ability and experience levels.
  • From 10am - 11:30am we will be offering a new class entitled Advanced Training Session. This class is for our more experienced CrossFitters who want to squeeze in some additional lifting and workout with those of similar ability levels. I will help lead the training session and provide the programming I'm going to follow for the day. This will include some type of power lifting or olympic weightlifting component, gymnastics piece and then a WOD.  Participants will be responsible for warming themselves up and must have a strong understanding and proficiency in the olympic lifts. Essentially this a guided Open Gym offering and I can potentially have some training partners and not have to workout alone!
  • Open Gym will run from 10am - Noon instead of starting at 10:30am.


I have updated MindBody to reflect these changes so make sure you are signing up class (the earlier the better!) and let me know if you have any questions. We will see how it goes and if we don't like it, we will continue to brainstorm in order to continually improve our class offerings and client experience.

- Blake