Monday 3.6.17


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  • Each Saturday we will be performing the Open workouts during the 9:30am class. If that time does not work for you, you can always get it done during Open Gym times. Just let us know your score so we can track it for the Gym Open!
  • Make sure to read the blog post about our treatment of the CrossFit Open, entitled "The Open is Upon Us". 
  • Weekly Challenge is up on the Open Gym whiteboard: For Time: 50 GHD Sit-ups




12:00 to establish max Split Jerk (from behind the neck)



4 x 3:00 Rounds (3:00 Rest)
20 / 14 Assault Bike Calories
Max Squat Cleans in remaining time
Round 1: 135lb / 85lb
Round 2: 155lb / 105lb
Round 3: 185lb / 125lb
Round 4: 205lb / 135lb


Post weight used and total reps to comments