Saturday 1.7.17


  • Check out the latest blog post with details on our Wellness Challenge Vol 1: Don't Eat Like Schmidt and email us if you would like to participate!
  • CrossFit Endurance starts up next week! Classes will be led by Coach Kelly and will meet every Monday / Wednesday at 6pm. Classes count as a regular visit and the registration process is the same as our regular CrossFit class offerings. Should be a great addition to the gym and just in time for those participating in the Austin Marathon!
  • New extended Open Gym hours are up and running. Check out the updated schedule for more info.



Weekly Challenge

500m Time Trial Row



For Time
Ring Rows with feet elevated
Box Jumps (30" / 24")
Directly into 30-20-10
Shoulder to Overhead (135lb / 95lb)
Jumping Lunges


Post box height, weight used and time to comments.