Tuesday 8.9.16


  • Battle of the Bell VI has been scheduled for Saturday, September 17th @9am. We will host the Battle of the Bell Open WOD the night before, Friday, September 16th @7pm, for those not participating in the actual competition. Check out the "events" page for announcements/more info. Let me know if you are interested in participating!
  • Both bathrooms and the water fountain up top are working. Still work to be done on the bathrooms, but they are functional and have locking doors so it's a big step up!
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Strength - Dynamic Effort

9x3 Strict Press @50% of 1RM



For Time
50 Air Squats
5 Clean & Jerks (225lb / 155lb)
40 Air Squats
4 Clean & Jerks (225lb / 155lb)
30 Air Squats
3 Clean & Jerks (225lb / 155lb)
20 Air Squats
2 Clean & Jerks (225lb / 155lb)
10 Air Squats
1 Clean & Jerks (225lb / 155lb)


Post weight used and time to comments.