A note from your TRANSFORM Coach, Keoni:

I just moved here from Hawaii with my family. I've been a fitness professional for over 19 years, TRANSFORM is my life’s work and I'm a CRAZY person! You know what I'm CRAZY about? I'm crazy about fitness and coaching CrossFit, I love it, I'm very passionate.

But you know what I'm even MORE crazy about? I'm crazy about people like YOU. There's nothing I love more than helping others see change and a total TRANSFORMATION.

Keoni Family.jpg

And, If you haven't noticed, I have A LOT of ENERGY, and all I want to do is pour that energy into everyone at CrossFit City Limits.

I specialize in helping people adjust their mindset so they can redefine their relationship with food (and alcohol). And, I help people find an eating plan that works BEST for them, now, and forever.

That's it. That's the key. Creating change in your body and improving performance all comes down to food. 90% of the battle is FOOD.

So what's the problem?

The problem is that we all LOVE to EAT, right?

It's a tough world! Especially in Austin where there is so much GOOD FOOD! I feel ya!

So about 14 years ago I created the group TRANSFORM Challenge primarily to address nutrition issues that we all need to master.

The working out part is easy, all you need to do is SHOW UP to class at least three days a week or more and you'll be fine. For most, with a supportive community like CrossFit City Limits, the struggle is not exercise, it's food. Would you agree? That's why CrossFit is my preferred method of fitness. Strength and conditioning is SO MUCH easier when you're part of a group led by experts, don't you think? The CrossFit City Limits community is absolutely key!

So TRANSFORM... you got a coach, nutrition plan, workouts, a community, accountability, support from fellow TRANSFORMers. What else do you need?

Next, you need all the HOOOORAAAH!!!

Basically, this is not a private journey you do by yourself, it's FUN FUN FUN journey you do with FRIENDS and we're going to do it TOGETHER!!!

There's a start date. An end date. A professional photo shoot, THEN THE PARTY!!!!

The party will be at a cool venue, there will be good food, drinks, we'll pick a theme, cocktail attire is required and there will be a BIG SCREEN.

On that big screen we're going to REVEAL the before and after pics of all TRANSFORM contestants.

Then, everyone will vote for the TRANSFORM Champ, Beach Body Champ, Six Pack Champ and Muscle TRANSFORM Champ. The Biggest Loser will also be awarded (greatest % of body weight lost).

So why all the HOOOOOORAAHHH?


If losing fat, building muscle and improving performance was easy, EVERYONE would be super fit, right?

The journey is HARD, but you don't have to do it alone, I will be there for YOU every step of the way!

Whatever you want, you can achieve. First rule of TRANSFORM is...


Whatever it is you want to TRANSFORM, let's get after it this Summer and stop at nothing to ACHIEVE IT. All or nothing baby! Total immersion. Go hard or go home. BOOM!!! C'mon, let's do this!

Let's make it FUN and let's do it TOGETHER!

Message or text me direct if you want to meet one-on-one or if you have any questions 210.322.0135.


Secret #1 

Anything is Possible


Don't think you can break old habits? Read Julie's Story...

Before meeting Keoni and doing the TRANSFORM Challenge I drank too much, ate the wrong foods, didn’t exercise, and hid a smoking habit. I slipped into mild depression. The TRANSFORM Challenge was pivotal in my life: I broke my unhealthy relationship with food, stopped smoking, and only drink on occasion. I feel on top of the world!

-Julie Lovett


Don't think you can get your health back? Read Brandon's Story...

I’m in the BEST shape since high school! I lowered my blood pressure five years ago, during my first TRANSFORM Challenge with Keoni. I had borderline hypertension and was on the verge of losing my CDL license for work! Now, my health is on point, I've met amazing people and CrossFit is my lifestyle.

-Brandon Nakanelua


Think you're WAY too busy to get lean and get fit? Read Nikki's Story...

My life was unbalanced: too much work, high anxiety, high cholesterol, metabolism and hormones changing. I had to do something about it, but was intimidated when I first walked into CrossFit to accept the TRANSFORM Challenge. Encouragement and guidance from Keoni the coaching staff made the difference. I’ll do this for life, one step at a time.

-Nikki Brissette

Secret #2

Just Show Up!


Don't think you can ever get HOOKED on CrossFit? Read Dr. Lauren's Story...

This is life changing. As a doctor, I know the importance of exercise and eating right. It makes a huge difference in disease and cancer prevention. I love seeing the CrossFit men and women, all ages and sizes, show up and do their best! TRANSFORM and Keoni make positive changes in people’s lives. I’m hooked!

-Dr. Lauren Strickland


Worried the results won't last after the 12 weeks? Read Craig's Story...

What started as a desire to look better transformed into something that will stay with me for life. CrossFit draws out competitive spirit and provides a platform to compete. Workouts and movements vary, so no matter your size, gender, or strength everybody can feel like a champion! Through Keoni and TRANSFORM, I made great friends and strengthened the relationship with my beautiful wife Julie.

- Craig Lovett


Don't think you have the mental strength or will power to TRANSFORM? Read Amy's Story...

I love CrossFit and what Keoni has built. TRANSFORM is just one reason I’ve stuck with the CrossFit lifestyle for over seven years. I’ve made great friends, new running and triathlon partners, and I’m pushed to train for strength, which I’d never do on my own. Mental barriers in fitness and life were holding me back. My CrossFit journey has helped me realize, though it’s scary sometimes, the power is within.

-Amy Asselbaye

Secret #3

Community is Key


Think you've failed too many times in the past to ever see success? Read Julie's Story...

I kept thinking “I won’t hold you to it,” when Coach Keoni shared that TRANSFORM delivers “dramatic, visible, physical change.” I knew the program worked for others, but they hadn’t met the likes of me! I had tried everything, would lose a pound or two, it never stuck. I was WRONG! I dropped three dress sizes. I have a new relationship with food. I used to live to eat—now I eat to live. All I had to do was show up and follow instructions. The CrossFit community supports each other’s successes. After surgery for a pre-existing injury, the coaches modified my workouts to keep me on track. This is life changing. I’m in it for life!

-Julie Meier


Think your days of being an ATHLETE are over? Read Allen's Story...

In college, I played baseball and lifted weights. Moving home, I ate fast food and gained 15 pounds. I wanted to be fit again. My turning point was feeling my love handles fold while swinging a golf club! I started eating cleaner and started CrossFit. The TRANSFORM Challenge was awesome! My main motivation was proving I had the discipline to do it. I didn’t cheat on meals. Once I got the routine it was simple. I feel fit, strong, coordinated, and athletic again. Now it’s a lifestyle.

-Allen Komori


Think you're too burnt out and stressed because of age? Read Anne's Story...

TRANSFORM and Keoni enabled me to lose weight, build strength, and increase energy at a time when many people my age give in to stress, weight gain, and burnout. TRANSFORM creates a cycle of benefits—the more fat I exchange for muscle, the better and stronger I feel and I’m able to achieve more, dedicating me to stick to the plan. Support of others keeps me motivated and honest with myself. I love the guidance, dedication, and interest of the coaches, and camaraderie within my workout group and among the membership in my CrossFit family.

-Anne Sing

Here's What You Get on the Challenge...

TRANSFORM Mindset Masterclass (Value $997)
☑️Anything is Possible Mindset. Learn how to bend the universe and shift reality to create your destiny and engineer your future to your exact specifications. 
☑️"Just Show Up" Mantra. Realize how EASY it is to pull of the TRANSFORMation when all you need to do is walk through the door. 
☑️Hope. Discover the tools and tactics you need to turn negative experiences into positive catalysts that will thrust you towards lifelong success. 
☑️Will Power. Learn how to say NO to lifes most tempting indulgences, every time!
☑️Discipline. Discover the secrets to mastering DAILY exercise and clean eating habits, NOW and forever.
☑️Motivation. Learn how to tap into and unleash all of the inner strength you need to conquer your most daunting goals. 
☑️Time. Discover how to turn your busiest, most jam-packed days into your greatest advantage.
☑️Energy. Learn how a few small lifestyle tweaks could release boundless internal power to energize your body and clear your mind.
☑️Experience. Discover how to quickly and easily harness the power of all TRANSFORM best practices to immediately apply them effectively to your life. 
☑️Money. Learn how to use FITNESS to increase confidence, productivity, ingenuity, creativity and personal INCOME, while decreasing the unnecessary spending and wasted time that comes with unhealthy habits and lifestyle.

TRANSFORM Nutrition Masterclass (Value $997)

☑️What to Eat & NOT to Eat Guide
☑️How Much to Eat Guide
☑️When to Eat Guide
☑️Macronutrient Guidelines
☑️Meal Plans
☑️Meal Prep Guide
☑️Grocery Shopping List
☑️Eating Out Guide
☑️Supplement Guide
☑️Food Journal 
☑️MyFitnessPal Tools
☑️Intermittent Fasting Tools
☑️3 Cheat Meals Per Week 🍕🍷🍺

12 Weeks of Nutrition Coaching (Value $997)

☑️Customized Nutrition Planning
☑️Daily Accountability Check-ins
☑️Weekly Food Journal Check-ins
☑️Weekly TRANSFORM Support Group
☑️TRANSFORMer Facebook Group

12 Weeks of Fitness Coaching (Value $1997)

☑️Customized Fitness Plan for 12 Weeks
☑️Measurements, Body Fat Testing, Photos
☑️Unlimited CrossFit Classes 
☑️Unlimited Open Gym
☑️Customized Coaching in Every Class
☑️Personalized Modifications in Every Class☑️4 Expert CrossFit Coaches on Staff
☑️Over 30 Years of Combined Experience 

12 Weeks of Community ($1297)

☑️Membership with over 150 Professionals
☑️Community Support and Accountability
☑️Outdoor Community Hikes, Stand Up Paddling and Workouts
☑️Workout Leaderboard Opportunities
☑️CFCL Community Social Events

12 Week Conclusion Festivities (Value $697)

☑️Photo Shoot Preparation and Coaching
☑️Professional TRANSFORM Photo Shoot
☑️Final Measurements, Body Fat Testing
☑️TRANSFORM Awards Gala Black Tie Event
☑️TRANSFORM Winners Prize Packages🎁


👙 Beach Body Champion
🎖Six Pack Champion
🏆 Biggest Loser

Total Value: $6982

Get Started Today For: 

Get Started Today For: $6982
Regular Price $1200

CrossFit City Limits Members 


All you need to do is ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE, click the link below and Schedule Your FREE Info Session NOW and dive in! 

Aloha, Keoni

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