Experienced CrossFitters and people who are new to CrossFit have difference paths to get started at our gym. Please visit the Getting Started page for more information on how to try CrossFit City Limits for Free.

Getting Started

  1. Free Intro Session
  2. $25 Trail Week
  3. Starter Package, Transformation Program, or Personal Training Package

At CrossFit City Limits, we understand that you are an individual with individual goals and needs. We take a systematic approach to building the appropriate foundation for your body to succeed in the gym. After a free intro session, our Starter Packages include:

  1. Functional Movement Screen - We examine how you move in a series of simple exercises to identify possible areas that need to be addressed.  
  2. Pre-hab Session - As adults, we lose the ability to perform certain movement patterns because we have habitual and favored movements, and neglected or avoided movements. We have unresolved injuries and chronic problems that cause us to move in a compensated way.  When the average adult starts to exercise with one or more limited fundamental patterns, the increased activity actually causes the compensation behavior to get worse.  With the movement screen and pre-hab session, we are able to correct these issues.
  3. Discounted Membership – In the beginning you are able to purchase up to 3 months of membership at a discounted price.

Starter Packages

Starter Package: 6 Personal Training Sessions $450

+6 x 1-on-1 Personal Training Sessions

Starter Package: 1 Month $157

+1 Month of Unlimited Membership
+1 Movement Screen and Pre-hab Session

Starter Package: 3 Months $157 per month

+3 Months of Unlimited Membership
+1 Movement Screen and Pre-hab Session

Transformation Program: 3 Months $417 Per Month

+3 Months of Unlimited Membership
+12 Personal Training Sessions with a dedicated Transformation Coach
+Pre- and Post- Body Assessments
+Pre- and Post- Photos
+Goal Setting, Tracking, and Accountability
+Nutrition Coaching and Accountability Tracking

CrossFit Memberships

12 Months 3 Months 1 Month
3x/Week $157 per month $173 per month $187 per month
Unlimited $187 per month $207 per month $233 per month

*Our schedule includes a wide range of Open Gym times in addition to our regular class offerings

Additional Offers Beyond Memberships


Register online prior to class



Out of Town Traveler Week Pass

Begins first day class is attended



10 Class Punch Card

3 month expiration



20 Class Punch Card

4 month expiration



32 Class Summer Punch Card

Valid 5/15 - 8/31



48 Class Summer Punch Card

Valid 5/15 - 8/31



Please Contact Us for information regarding personal trainings, specialty programs, pre-cooked meal service, or private group training.