Kyle Ligon - Co-owner / Head Coach

Kyle has coached tens of thousands of unique client sessions and is passionate about living an all around healthy life.  By prioritizing high quality, functional movement in the gym, clients are able to get the most carry over into the real-world possible from their time in the gym.  Kyle loves finding the limiting factors of client’s range of motion, motor patterns, and strength to help target their weak areas to resolve pain and maximize their performance and efficiency.  Whatever a clients’ goal, Kyle loves to see them achieve it.

Kyle graduated from The University of Texas with a Mathematics degree in Actuarial Sciences.  He has received his CrossFit L-1, CrossFit L-2, CrossFit Olympic Lifting, and CrossFit Movement and Mobility certificates and has worked with beginners, intermediate, and professional athletes.  

Blake Holman - Co-owner / Coach

Fitness has been a focal point for Blake his entire life. Born and raised in Austin, he grew up playing every sport under the sun, which included being a member of his elementary school’s jump rope team. His passion for competition and exercise continued into high school where he played baseball, basketball, and football at Anderson High School before moving on to play four years of collegiate baseball at Trinity University.

After graduating from Trinity with his Masters of Accountancy, Blake was introduced to CrossFit through a friend and quickly realized that he was not in as good of shape as he thought. This revelation came to him while laying on the floor of his apartment for over an hour after completing his first WOD. Blake has obtained his CrossFit Level-2 Certificate and USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Certificate, as well as certificates for CrossFit Endurance and CrossFit Movement and Mobility and has accumulated more than 10,000 hours of CrossFit instruction.


April Covington - Coach / Gym Manager

April was born and raised in Houston, TX and has a strong belief that competitive sports help shape young people into strong leaders. April has a background in competitive volleyball, swimming, and has participated in many half marathons, triathlons, and other distance races. 

April earned her CrossFit Level 1 trainer certificate and has accumulated over 5,000 coaching hours. Before diving head first into CrossFit, April graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor and Master of Arts in communication and taught public speaking for several years. April was introduced to CrossFit while on a long run in preparation for a half marathon. She saw people flipping tires at a local CrossFit box in Lubbock and went and tried a class. As a runner, she thought she was incredible shape but was quickly humbled after her first CrossFit class. April has been doing CrossFit for more than four years and is in love with the community, competitive atmosphere, and teaching and watching others grow mentally and physically strong. 

Kelly Nardo - COACH

Kelly was born and raised outside of Philadelphia, PA. Starting from the age of 5, she was always very active, participating in both soccer and softball. She played soccer competitively until she graduated high school and continued on to play softball at James Madison University. During college she became interested in nutrition and picked up long distance running. By the time she graduated, she was running nearly 40 miles a week.

After graduating college and no longer being apart of a competitive team atmosphere and her body becoming tired of all those miles, she wanted to look for something else. Kelly actually found a local CrossFit box on Groupon in 2012 and decided to try it out. She quickly fell in love with the atmosphere, competitiveness, community, and bettering herself every day. CrossFit has completely transformed how she thinks about fitness and nutrition, and she loves sharing that joy and knowledge with others.

Bleu - COACH

From DC to Miami and now in Austin, no matter where Bleu goes sports and fitness has always been a focal point in her life. Growing up Bleu competed in various sports including basketball, martial arts and soccer. She has over 5 years of experience competing as a Track and Field athlete specializing in the 400m hurdles up into her freshmen year of college. She took a break from sports and competition her sophomore year and throughout college to focus on completing her degree at Florida International University, in Environmental Science.

Following her graduation Bleu worked for over 2 years as a Park Ranger and Wildland Firefighter for the Everglades National Park. During the evenings, after a grueling yet fulfilling 8 hours in the sun Bleu spent her downtime tearing it up at a local CrossFit box inspiring her new found passion and way to revive her competitive spirit in the fitness world. Bleu has over 3 years experience CrossFit training and competing. She started coaching in Miami as an intern during the summer of 2014 and started working as a trainer after receiving her CrossFit Level-1 Certificate during the summer of 2015. She is highly energetic, very competitive, and always has a big friendly smile ready to take on the next challenge! Bleu enjoys outdoor recreation and believes in maintaining a strong foundation for bodyweight movements, particularly her favorites, pull-ups and running.