Kyle Ligon - owner / Co-Founder / Head Coach

Starting in 2008, Kyle transformed himself through CrossFit and eventually that transformation seeped into every aspect of his life. He went from eating fast food for every meal and working a job he didn’t love to being the healthiest he’s ever been and running the business of his dreams. He learned when you better yourself in one area, that momentum makes it easier to achieve self-improvement across the board – in your career, relationships, mental health, and more. He brings that passion and expansive perspective to each and every coaching session. The journey toward the life you want could begin with a workout.

Kyle has accumulated tens of thousands of client hours with his unique approach to coaching: He believes working out should be fun, individualized, and tailored to the goals and needs of each client. He coaches “regular” people to reach the physical results they’ve always wanted, while helping them achieve a sustainable balance of their health, family, career, and hobbies. He also coaches elite athletes across many disciplines to translate their hard work in the gym into peak performance in their sport of choice. No matter their goals or backgrounds, Kyle coaches his clients toward the life and body they want. If you want to bring meaning to why you work out - if you want to work with a coach who is invested in how your time in the gym can enhance your life outside of it - you want Coach Kyle on your team.

Kyle graduated from The University of Texas with a Mathematics degree in Actuarial Sciences...Nerd Alert!  He has received his CrossFit L-1, CrossFit L-2, CrossFit Olympic Lifting, and CrossFit Movement and Mobility certificates and has worked with beginners, intermediate, and professional athletes.  

Kyle’s personal training schedule is currently full. To join his wait-list please contact us here.

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Blake Holman - Co-Founder

Fitness has been a focal point for Blake his entire life. Born and raised in Austin, he grew up playing every sport under the sun, which included being a member of his elementary school’s jump rope team. His passion for competition and exercise continued into high school where he played baseball, basketball, and football at Anderson High School before moving on to play four years of collegiate baseball at Trinity University.

After graduating from Trinity with his Masters of Accountancy, Blake was introduced to CrossFit through a friend and quickly realized that he was not in as good of shape as he thought. This revelation came to him while laying on the floor of his apartment for over an hour after completing his first WOD. Blake has obtained his CrossFit Level-2 Certificate and USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Certificate, as well as certificates for CrossFit Endurance and CrossFit Movement and Mobility and has accumulated more than 10,000 hours of CrossFit instruction.


April Covington - Coach / Gym Manager

April was born and raised in Houston, TX and has a strong belief that competitive sports help shape young people into strong leaders. April has a background in competitive volleyball, swimming, and has participated in many half marathons, triathlons, and other distance races. 

April earned her CrossFit Level 1 trainer certificate and has accumulated over 5,000 coaching hours. Before diving head first into CrossFit, April graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor and Master of Arts in communication and taught public speaking for several years. April was introduced to CrossFit while on a long run in preparation for a half marathon. She saw people flipping tires at a local CrossFit gym in Lubbock and went and tried a class. As a runner, she thought she was in incredible shape but was quickly humbled after her first CrossFit class. April has been doing CrossFit for more than five years and is in love with the community, competitive atmosphere, and teaching and watching others grow mentally and physically strong. 

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Johnny Zhang - Coach

From an early age, Johnny played a wide variety of sports and quickly discovered his propensity and love for physical conditioning. After years of bodybuilding workouts, Johnny watched the documentary, "Fittest on Earth" about the origins of the CrossFit Games.  He instantly knew he had found his calling and has been training with CrossFit methodologies ever since.  Through commitment, discipline, and dedication toward holistic well-being, Johnny hopes to not only achieve his own personal goals, but also to inspire those around him to make positive life-style changes that will contribute to their fitness, health, and happiness.

Johnny has obtained his CrossFit Level-1 certificate and is constantly adding to his knowledge of health and fitness.  Johnny graduated from The University of Texas with a degree in Management Information Systems which has allowed him to develop a unique perspective on how to plan and deliver the best possible coaching to a variety of fitness-levels and goals.

Kelly Nardo - COACH

Kelly was born and raised outside of Philadelphia, PA. Starting from the age of 5, she was always very active, participating in both soccer and softball. She played soccer competitively until she graduated high school and continued on to play softball at James Madison University. During college she became interested in nutrition and picked up long distance running. By the time she graduated, she was running nearly 40 miles a week.

After graduating college and no longer being apart of a competitive team atmosphere and her body becoming tired of all those miles, she wanted to look for something else. Kelly actually found a local CrossFit box on Groupon in 2012 and decided to try it out. She quickly fell in love with the atmosphere, competitiveness, community, and bettering herself every day. CrossFit has completely transformed how she thinks about fitness and nutrition, and she loves sharing that joy and knowledge with others.

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Suzanne Renee Rodriguez - Coach

Suzanne is a true “Austinite,” growing up just miles from CrossFit City Limits. She has a unique background in competitive cheerleading which has helped her to develop a keen eye for quality body movement that carried over directly into improving peoples’ technique and efficiency in CrossFit. She has been a fitness junkie from a young age as she worked hard to beat all of the boys in track-and-field day at Pillow Elementary just down the road. Attending the University of Texas- Austin, Suzanne participated in recreational volleyball while pursuing her Master’s in Professional Accountancy. Although Suzanne is a currently a full time CPA, nothing brings her more joy than being active, learning about fitness, and sharing her vast experience in the field. There are three things that inspire coach Suzanne the most: fitness, kitties, and number crunching. But, don’t worry, she would rather use her accounting expertise to count your good reps than no-reps!  

One of her biggest mottos in life is by improving yourself, you improve those around you. From being a dedicated member of CrossFit City Limits and inspiration to the community for years, it was clear that the community had a lot to learn from Suzanne’s experience, work ethic, and perspective on living a balanced and healthy life.