Kyle Ligon


  • CrossFit Level-1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Olympic Lifting
  • CrossFit Movement and Mobility
  • CrossFit Judges Course

Kyle was born and raised in Austin, growing up in a neighborhood with 16 other kids who spent practically every day playing a different sport.  This experience gave Kyle a unique foundation of sports and fitness.  Since finding CrossFit, Kyle has been obsessed with improving his performance, not only in the gym, but in real life.  He has found that without the proper General Physical Preparedness, he had been limited in sport and leisure.  Using CrossFit to fill these gaps, he found that proper positioning, movement, and mobility were the keys to supercharging his CrossFit experience and thus seeing improvements inside and outside the gym.  Chronic back pain and plantar fasciitis disappeared as he learned to move properly and started heading towards full range of motion of his joints and muscles.  CrossFit opened his eyes and he wants to share it with the world!

Kyle has now coached tens of thousands of unique client sessions and prioritizes quality movement before maximal intensity with all of his clients.  He takes his clients and their goals seriously, but not himself.  He loves finding the limiting factors of client’s range of motion, motor patterns, and strength to help target their weak areas to maximize performance.  Whatever a clients’ goal, Kyle loves to see them achieve it.  He hosts nutrition lectures, Olympic lifting work-shops, programming discussions, and mobility seminars.  He feels there is nothing more exciting than seeing a client set a new personal record for themselves or reach a goal for which they have been working hard.  The best compliment you can get from Kyle: “Your squat looks great!”

Kyle graduated from The University of Texas with a Mathematics degree in Actuarial Sciences.  He has received his CrossFit L-1, CrossFit Olympic Lifting, and CrossFit Movement and Mobility certifications and never stops his pursuit of coaching excellence.  If you want to get on his good side, learn a proper squat and push-up…he will never stop complimenting you!

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